Monday, July 25, 2011

Upcycling As A Way of Life

When I'm not busy making jewelry or shipping items I can often be found hanging out on Etsy in one of the team forums.  I belong to several teams at the Etsy website, but one of my favorite is Team Upcyclers.  It's one of the larger groups, yet still manages to keep a friendly tone.  The people of this group arthose who are committed to reusing and recycling.  It is an interesting mix as you'll find some who are casually into it or simply looking to purchase unique, one of a kind pieces all the way to others who have converted and live a green, earth sustainable lifestyle.

One of my favorite things about the group is seeing all the creative ways people find to reuse what others might have thrown out.  Some of the items I checked out today:

Ipad Case from Recycled Record

Carburator Lamp

Steampunk Style!

If you like helping protect the environment, like seeing unique items check out TeamUpcyclers for fun and amazing finds!


  1. I'm always amazed at how creative and talented the my fellow members of Team Upcyclers are! Thanks for featuring my iPad case.

  2. This is so cool. I will have to check out this team. I am a middle of the road person. LOVE to upcycle when given the opportunity and time. I am following:)

  3. I always upcycle glass jars to vases - can never throw one away : )

    Following you through the EBT - Hi!

  4. I found you on etsy. I am followling you . Come by and follow me too!

    I love the key necklace!