Monday, August 1, 2011

I Won't Be A Pouter!

I will not be a pouter, I will not be a pouter, I will not...  Maybe if I say those words enough it'll actually be true.  Whay am I pouting?  Because I want to be at the National Button Convention!  For those of you who don't collect buttons, yes, there is actually a national society and state chapters for those of us who are nuts about buttons.  Each year there is a convetion filled with competition, fun things to do, good food, better friends and lots of the most amazing buttons you'll ever find.  There are buttons of every size and subject as well as price range.

You'll find ones for as little as 50 cents to well over $1,000.  Of course there are also supplies for display, button jewelry, books and practically anything else you can think of regarding buttons.  My favorite are the poke lots.  Vendors dump buttons into a box, set a price, and sit back.  You come along, sit down, and "poke" through the box hunting for treasures.  (Did I mention my fondness for pirates and treasure hunting?)  Those of us who can't go to the convention are known as "pouters".  Why?  Because we're at home pouting over the great buttons were missing!  And it's true.  The convention has barely begun and already I'm whining about not being there.  Maybe I should change me chant from I will not to "I AM a pouter!"