Friday, July 29, 2011

Paying it Forward - Treasury Style

In today's world, you have hear the phrase "paying it forward".  It's a simple concept and a great way to live life.  The Pay it Forward movement actually started back in 2000 as a book and quickly morphed into a social movement.  The idea is something that anyone can do.  It begins with doing something nice for another person without any expectation of being paid back.  In fact, if the person does try to "pay it back" you refuse and ask they do something nice for someone else.  What is done doesn't have to be something big.  In fact, sometimes the small things can have the biggest impact, not only on the recipient, but the giver as well.

I've found that by looking for ways to "pay it forward" I find opportunities everywhere.  In doing so, not only do I brighten someone else's life but my own as well.  My things tend to be small, spur of the moment ones but sometimes they have great impact, other times they just bring a small moment of joy to someone. 
Yesterday, I was at Borders Books (getting my last few trips in before they close forever!) and heard a lady trying to tell someone about this children's book she had read and wanted to buy for a friend.  She couldn't remember the name of it and the other lady had never heard of it.  Since it's one of my favorite books, I immediately recognized it.  Now I could've just told her the name of the book.  Instead, I found it on the shelf, paid for it and brought it back to her.  Simple little gesture as it cost less than $4. 

 She couldn't believe I'd done that!  She laughed, thanked me and of course tried to pay me.  I refused and was about to go on my way when her companion spoke up.  She also said thank you and
as I started to say "it's nothing" she interrupted and said, "It's not nothing.  All this week I've been down, feeling like this world was a rotten place to live.  You've reminded me there are good people in this world."  We chatted for a few moments and both went on her way.  I think in the long run, she brightened my day more than I did hers.

Since I sell on Etsy, I "pay it forward" there as well.  Here it's done in a more anonymous way through the use of Treasuries.  The concept of a Treasury is simple (and fun to do!).  You pick a theme - it can be anything at all - and then find items for sale that fit the theme.  The only catch is, you can't pick any of your own items.  Hopefully people will view your Treasury and some of the items will end up being purchased.  If nothing else, it gives the shops in the Treasury more exposure.  Now I admit t

here is a link to the creator of the Treasury, but for the most part people don't click on it. They're too busy looking at all the beautiful images in the Treasury to think about who created it!  If you'd like to see my latest Treasury you can find it here Empty Nest.  This one centered around the theme of a child leaving home to go to college for the first time.

Shouldyou be interested in the book or movie about "Paying it Forward" here are the links:

I'd love to hear your "Pay if Forward" stories if you'd care to share!


  1. thanks for sharing, I could use a couple of pay it forward moments, they really do come back to bless you when you are blessing others...hope your weekend is filled with pay it forward moments coming and going!

    enjoy *~*

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