Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Another Life I Was A Pirate

I'm sure that in a past life I must've been a pirate!  I love pirate movies (o.k. maybe I just love Jack Sparrow!), and thought of hunting for treasure fills me with glee.  Of course, my kind of treasure isn't usually found by consulting an old map and digging where X marks the spot. 

My treasure comes in many different places and ways.  It could be the physical kind of attending an auction, searching through a storage unit, or going to a tag sale where I find a "treasure" to either keep or sell.  Since I collect old buttons as well as use them to make jewelery, finding an old tin of buttons is a great treasure indeed.  I can hardly wait to get them home and see what treasures they might contain!

I've learned to also look for the treasure in everyday life.  Some might call it life's everyday little blessings, but it really is treasure.  We tend to get so caught up in our daily lives that we often miss the treasures it contains.  Oh sure, we recognize the big ones like getting that promotion, landing the new job, receiving an inheritance, hitting the lottery, etc.  But how often do we miss the small ones?  These are often the ones that are worth more than shiny gold. 

There's treasure in a child's hug, the kiss you partner gives you on the way out the door, your neighbors flowers, or a beautiful sunset.  Treasure is all around us if we just learn to look for it.  Plus, I've learned that as I focus on these small things, my outlook on life has changed as well.  Yes, the bills are still there and the daily hassles of kids, family, pets and who knows what haven't gone away, but somehow they've assumed less importance.  Instead, my life is filled with the golden glow of the many treasures I do have instead of the emptiness of the "I want more, bigger, better" syndrome.  So this blog will be about celebrating the treasure that's in your life.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories as we join in the journey.


  1. Love your outlook!

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  3. Aww cute post! I look forward to reading more!